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AIBL Small Ball


AIBL - Athlete Institute Basketball League is Orangeville's premier basketball skill development and organized games, starting at age 2, and up to 35+ Men's League

AIBL is divided into three programs:

  1. Small Ball (Ages 2-9)
  2. Youth (Ages 9-19)
  3. Adult (18+ and 35+ Men's League)

What is AIBL SMALL BALL (ages 2-9)?

Learn the game of basketball and develop motor skills through fundamental skill development and mini-games, on lower nets. This is all about getting a taste of the sport and having a great time!

Divisions: U7 and U9

Small Ball will be divided into 2 separate age groups.

What's Included?

  • AIBL Reversible Jersey
  • Individual and Group Photos
  • Size 5 Basketball
  • FUN!

What is AIBL YOUTH (ages 9-19)?

Athlete Institute's Youth Basketball League - Weekly skill development and refereed basketball games for kids ages 9-18.

Divisions: U11, U13, U15, and U19

What's Included?

  • Volunteer Coaches
  • AIBL Uniform (Jersey & Shorts)
  • Individual and Team Photos
  • Weekly Refereed Games (FIBA Rules)
  • Results and Standings Recorded Online
  • Playoffs
  • End of Season Awards

Cost: $175 + HST

What is AIBL MEN'S LEAGUE (ages 18+ and 35+)?

  • Sign up with a full team, a group, or as an individual/free agent
  • AIBL Reversible Jersey
  • Weekly refereed games (Sunday evenings)
  • Results and Standings Recorded Online
  • Playoffs